Cemetery vandalism now linked to pool property destruction days later in Aurora say authorities

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Three teens from Aurora have been charged with felony property destruction and misdemeanor trespassing in connection with vandalism on June 4, 2019, at the Aurora municipal swimming pool.

Court records indicate that inflatable pool play equipment valued at $5,700 was slashed during the overnight incident.

Probable cause statements in the case state that two individuals who wished to remain anonymous told law enforcement that 17-year-old Curtis Michael Lee Board had told them he and two other Aurora youths had crawled over the fence surrounding the pool and slashed the play equipment.

Board, 17-year-old Matthew Scott Levan and 19-year-old Kyler Allen Lamastus, are named in court documents related to the pool.

They are facing some very serious charges and for a 17-year-old to possibly start out with felonies on their record is just not the way you want to start your life out, Lawrence Co. Sheriff Brad DeLay.

NOTE: Tips from the community started coming into the Aurora Police Department that the Lee Cemetery Vandalism was linked to the Aurora Property Destruction and Vandalism. Aurora Police Detectives passed along that information to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

When it comes to the cemetery probable cause statement it says the three involved there worked together the night of May 31 to push the tombstones over and that all three had been drinking that night.  

Probably something at this point they are regretting doing and they are probably wishing they could take some of that time back,  Lawrence Co. Sheriff Brad DeLay 

Unfortunately we’ve all done stupid things when we were kids, but we have to realize that some of this stuff is again irreplaceable.  It belongs to other people.  It’s family members history.  Things you can’t replace unfortunately and some of those things people will never recover any of that.

All the teens could be looking at years behind bars.  

OzarksFirst, KOLR10 and Melanie Chapman were the sources for this report for KSN/KODE and Joplin News First.  

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