Carthage Police Chief Dagnan with a message, “I am confident this is going to be a peaceful protest.”

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — Wednesday in a recorded message to the Carthage business community, Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan affirms there is a protest protest Thursday afternoon in Carthage.

“I can confirm it is happening. They are going be in the square area [Thursday] at 3:30 PM. I can tell you many of the organizers of these groups, I have personal relationships with, they definitely do not want to do harm to our community. They want to make a political statement, which is their right to do that. They will not do any vandalism or harm. So I am confident this is going to be a peaceful protest. People have also expressed concerns about counter protesters, coming to protest the protesters. While I think that is a possibility I don’t think that is really going to happen. However I do want to reassure everybody that we are prepared for every eventuality.”

We have obtained information via Facebook the event is titled: Protest for resignation of Commissioner John Bartosh. In a screenshot of a FB post from June 27, 2019, Jasper County Commissioner Bartosh, it appears anti-Muslim According to anticipated protesters. The group has expressed outrage that an elected official in Jasper County would share a post like as such.


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