Burning Off the Wheat Stubble

Joplin News First

Controlled burns make planting the next crop easier

#JLNtipster vid from Hwy 43

(64836) — Rural Carl Junction, east of Waco, reports on Sunday evening were huge plumes of black smoke that could be seen for miles around.

One of our Joplin News First moderators, Candy, messaged us privately and said… “oh they are just burning off the wheat stubble.”

We joined up with some friends just off Maple Road who had already burned 180 acres. And we watched them burn 115 more.

If they do not burn off this excess then when they start planting, their drills can’t turn the soil to plant the next crop. Or they end up damaging a lot of equipment. And they have to get soybeans in the ground this week. 

It’s been wet this season. Very wet. And there hasn’t been enough time to work the ground to make it into hay.

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