Billboard along Rangeline goes up supporting the blue

Joplin News First

JOPLIN, Mo. — Sources told us early this morning a new billboard was going to appear along North Rangeline. It is located above Holden Buildings, 130 North Rangeline, across from Logan’s at the Northpark Mall.

“As a community we need to show our Law Enforcement Officers that serve and protect us every day that we support and stand behind them.”


If you didn’t know by now? They can take down and put up billboards FAST nowadays! We almost missed it! WHEW! Watch how fast this thing unfurls in our INSTA post below! CLICK HERE to follow us on INSTA. Always the same stories we share on FB but none of the FB comments and drama.

“Thanks JPD for protecting and serving the Joplin Community. A special thanks to my son and son in law for their selfless commitment.” -AA

“We support our men and women in blue, and pray for your safety.” SW

“The Police in this town have always been there for us.” DM

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