Area waters look fun, but can be dangerous, authorities say after water rescue

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Carl Junction Fire Department Water Rescue on Center Creek Thursday afternoon

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. (Rural Carl Junction, Center Creek) — Carl Junction Fire Department received an emergency call shortly after 1:15 PM Thursday regarding a water rescue along Center Creek.

An initial report was that teenagers floating on the creek, one had fallen off the kayak they were using. Location was unknown but they had a cell phone and authorities were pinging it’s location.

As CJFD Water Rescue were launching their boat, Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies responded as well as MERS Ambulance. Additionally a call for support was sent to Joplin Fjre Department Water Rescue and Redings Mill Fire District Water Rescue.

Capt Scott Skoglund, CJFD tells us that the two juvenile males were unharmed and quickly located along Center Creek about 1:45 PM.

“Floaters had flipped their kayak and they were in the water. We launched our boat here [Carl Junction JJ Boat Ramp], to do a recon. And we found them up about a mile upstream on the bank.

If the water is up, it’s moving and it looks fun but it is dangerous. You don’t know what’s floating down the river. You can’t see underneath what is going down: logs and debris, from other floods and rains we’ve had.”

These boys today did a lot of things right Skoglund tells us. One of their fathers met the rescue team at the boat ramp to fill them in on what he knew.

Always best to know where they are at. A way of communication. Like having their phone in a dry bag. Or in a dry case so they can have communications like these [boys] did today that’s best.

Take precautions and let people know you are going [like these boys]. Let them know as soon as you get in and as soon as you get out.”

Carl Junction did not require the assistance of Joplin Fire and Redings Mill since the teens were located quickly. However they were appreciative of their ready support.

NOTE: Skoglund also reminds everyone no matter your swimming abilities or level. “If you are in the water? Everyone needs to have their life preservers on. If something happens? Then they have buoyancy.”

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