$1 Million in Meth Seized in Missouri State Highway Patrol Traffic Stop on Interstate; Missouri Roads are Great Connectors for Travelers and Drug Traffickers

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COOPER COUNTY, Mo. — I-44, I-35, I-55 and I-70 are main thoroughfares vacation travelers take crossing Missouri on towards their destinations. And they are the same roads used by drug traffickers.

Late Saturday night Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers performing a traffic stop on I-70 near Booneville requested assistance for an exterior vehicle sniff of a vehicle. Cooper County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics K9 on duty responded to assist.

FOLLOW OUR INSTA MIDWEST HIGH INTENSITY DRUG TRAFFIC AREA — US GOV UNCLASSIFIED INFORMATION — JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri interstates are the perfect connecting roads that cartels and gangs can use as they get their products to Chicago, and other underground distribution channels in the highly-populated northeastern US. It is no surprise that a 75 pound meth seizure by Missouri State Highway Patrol occurred on I-70 this past weekend. Other interstates well-traveled by traffickers: I-49, I-44, I-35 and I-55. Counties in our region of more include Jasper, Cherokee, Labette and Crawford. #ksn16 #kode12 #joplinnewsfirst #fshp #ozarksfirst #kolr10news #knwanews #shannbecker SOURCE: US GOV 2018 MIDWEST HIDTA THREAT ASSESSMENT

“K9 Grimm was deployed and soon indicated a positive alert for narcotics. Upon search of the vehicle, approximately 75.8 pounds of methamphetamine was located and seized.”

The meth was packed inside an ice chest.

The value of methamphetamine seized is approximately $1 million.

“I want to commend the trooper, deputies, and K-9 Grimm for their outstanding work in this incident. I am very proud of how everyone is working together to make our community and others safer.”



Missouri is part of the MIDWEST HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). This archived map shows the hot spots within the 8 state region. Zoom in to notice Jasper, Cherokee, Crawford and Labette Counties in our area.

FOLLOW OUR INSTA: MISSOURI INTERSTATES ARE THE ROADWAYS USED BY DRUG TRAFFICKERS — JOPLIN, Mo. — Unclassified 2018 report shows that as drugs pass through Missouri they will be hidden in normal vehicles. Example is last weekend as Missouri State Highway Patrol on a traffic stop seized 75 pounds of meth on I-70. Packed and hidden in an ice chest. Discovered by Cooper County K9 “Grimm”. Street value estimated to be $1 million. SOURCE: US GOV 2018 MIDWEST HIDTA THREAT ASSESSMENT


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