Joplin named one of the best places in the nation for manufacturing jobs


JOPLIN, Mo. — Efforts to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. started several years ago.

And one area community has become a mecca for that.

Website says Joplin is the 14th best place in the country for working in the manufacturing industry.

Toby Teeter, President, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “And the manufacturing segment is growing in Joplin, it’s high wages, there are many manufacturers paying over 20 dollars an hour right off the bat”

Teeter says there are several reasons for the success of the manufacturing community here.

He says the region is strategically located near the center of the country, and has East, West, North and South access for transporting goods out of the area.

“Wages, manufacturing wages are actually increased 6% this year, meanwhile our cost of living is still 21% lower than the national average, that unique situation allows for a great place to live and work in manufacturing.”

Another factor in drawing manufacturing companies and therefore jobs to Joplin is the supply of properly trained workers.

Melissa Smith says facilities like the Advanced Training and Technology Center make that possible.

She says companies come to the facility with their needs and Crowder College, and a host of area technical schools take it from there.

Melissa Smith, Crowder College Training and Development, said, “Industrial maintenance training, robotics and automation is huge in up and coming in our area. it’s up and coming in the United States but especially in Southwest Missouri and so those are some things we are working to stay ahead of and to maintain the strong workforce for Missouri.”

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