Joplin Museum Complex displays items from Apollo 11 flight


JOPLIN, Mo. – You don’t have to go far to learn about the historic flight of Apollo 11.

The Joplin museum is the site of a display of items collected by Allen Shirley. Among the things visitors can see are the autographs of all three astronauts on board, as well as some of the key members of Mission Control in Houston. Shirley says there are also metal shavings from the historic Command Module that housed the astronauts as well as wiring from the Lunar Module. But Shirley says it’s designed to give visitors a preview of a much larger display that will be set up at the museum in a few months.

“Early next year we will be doing a very extensive display on space and exploration involving all of the projects for NASA including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, the moon landings and all of the Shuttle flights.”

Allen Shirley, Historic Items Collector

The Apollo 11 is on display at the museum complex in Schifferdecker Park and will be up through the end of August.

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