Joplin middle school students are 2nd in the state in bridge competition


A group of six 8th grade boys from North Middle School in Joplin did Southwest Missouri proud this past weekend.

They finished 2nd out of 30 teams of students from all across the show-me state in a bridge-building contest.

It took the boys a couple months to design and then build the 36-inch structure.

They took their entry to the University of Missouri over the weekend and finished in 2nd place.

As a result, they will be spending a week on campus this summer learning about engineering all on the University’s dime.

Colvin Paige, North Middle School 8th Grader, says, “Well, at the camp, it’s like we experience what it’s like to go to college there. So we eat at the dining hall and sleep in the dorms and have dorm mates. Just a fun time, you know.”

The goal of the competition was to see who’s bridge could sustain the most amount of weight before it collapsed. Their entry withstood 45 pounds.

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