Joplin Memorial Run brings in thousands of people from all across the United States


JOPLIN, Mo. — Saturday morning 2,000 people spent the morning remembering the lives lost in the May 22 tornado.

Josh Simpson, Runner, says, “Just to think about ten years ago driving through this area so much destruction and heartache but now such joy this morning.”

2,000 people from 25 states were in Cunningham Park, Saturday morning for the Joplin Memorial Run.

Families running to remember the 161 lives lost in the tornado.

Steve Gurley, Runner From Saint Louis, says, “We had an in law who passed away. He was over by the high school and was actually taken to the hospital and died after surgery.”

Steve Gurley was in Joplin for a wedding and drove back to St. Louis on May 22, 2011.

“It was weird because we were literally driving around the streets when we came back the next day to help and couldn’t recognize a lot of the things we had seen. It was tough.”

Families impacted by the tornado coming back to the site that was hardest hit to reflect.

Mallory Hill, home destroyed in tornado, says, “Our house was one of the ones that was destroyed in the tornado. We lived at 23rd and Pearl kind of on the edge of it. It’s great that everyone gets out here and supports Joplin and its regrowth.”

The Joplin Memorial Run takes runners through the path of the tornado.

Catrina Richards, Runner, says, “It feels a little emotional to me to be honest.”

The park is lined with 161 flags with the names of all the tornado victims.

Josh Simpson, runner, says, “It’s so humbling to run and see all these banners and as you’re running by them to remember all the people.”

Proceeds from the run will go toward helping Joplin rebuild.

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