Joplin Memorial Run: “161 banners are presented and that’s the reason why we have the run”


The Joplin Memorial Run will raise thousands of dollars. With more than 2,000 runners. “This is one of the biggest community events in Joplin of the year,” Bob Brown of the Joplin Memorial Run recently told Shelby Bates on KSN’s Living Well.

“This year we’re sending our money to the Joplin Humane Society. Our pets are part of our family.”

The 2019 Joplin Memorial Run Weekend kicked off Friday evening at 6:00 PM at Memorial Hall with the kids fun run.

“Then at 7:00 is our memorial service and that’s why we have the run, the 161 banners are already presented and [people] can walk down through those…”

Little known fact though that the Joplin Memorial run began long before the 161 people died in the tornado in 2011.

“Initially it used to be the Boomtown Run, and then in 2011 we had the tornado. And we didn’t have the run but we had so many runners sign up. So the runners came from around the country and came to help and clean up in 2011.”

“And then in 2012 they came and it was the Joplin Memorial Run.”

Saturday if the weather cooperates here is the schedule and the headquarters will be at Joplin’s Memorial Hall for the center of the run headquarters.

6:30 AM

Half Marathon

Half Marathon Relay

10K *NEW* [6.1 miles]

6:45 AM

5K *NEW*

It should all be wrapped up by 11:00 or 11:30.

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