Joplin Main Street proposal creates buzz around town and at city council meeting


A proposal regarding striping on Main St. brought before Joplin City Council tonight has created a buzz around town.

In light of recent street work, city staff brought a proposal before council members to reconfigure Main St. from 1st st. to 7th St. for 30 days.

“We’d had discussions about kind of what we would like to see on Main St. in the future and this just seemed like a good time to jump at the opportunity,” shares Taylor Cunningham, the Assistant to the City Manager.

By using diluted paint, the city can easy apply and remove striping at a low cost.
From 7th St. to 4th St., traffic lanes would be reduced from four to two, have parallel parking lanes, two bike lanes, and two sidewalk extensions. The other change would take place between 4th St. and 1st St. It would also reduce traffic lanes from four to two, add one center turn lane, have two bike lanes, and have reverse angle parking.

Cunningham explains, “What we really want to see is just more people out on Main St., more people in the street, more people using the space and the public right-of-way. People eating outside and biking and walking and just Main St. that’s more for people. That’s what we hope.” 

Some are in support of the proposal.

Jon Buck, Owner of JB’s Downtown says, “I back it because what it is is a trial period, see what works and what doesn’t work. Right now the status quo’s not working, I don’t believe.”

Some are against.

“Those that refute, that don’t learn our history are doomed to relive it and I think that when I hear people talk about, we already did angle parking, frontwards and backwards,” property owner Mike Brandon reminds people.

Some of the concerns raised before council were delivery drop-offs, emergency vehicles, and the lack of discussion of this plan to business owners, council, and residents.

“We know that change is hard, especially when you don’t know what’s gonna happen, but that’s why we wanted to do this to just see if something could work,” adds Cunningham.

Although she would have liked to see action taken tonight, the proposal was just a presentation.  Some things need to be worked out before it comes before council again. One business owner pleaded that council make sure to involve them with the plans.

Anyone with questions or concerns are free to call Cunningham or email her.

Phone: (417) 624-0820 ext. 201

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