Joplin leaders working on “Smart Cities” project


From entertainment and staying to driving across town, digital information can help make better decisions.

And now Joplin city leaders want to expand on that kind of data connection to finetune the city as a whole.
It’s a concept called “Smart Cities.” the project means more sensors collecting data on things like traffic and street lights – and making better citywide decisions based on that, kind of like depending on your cell phone in your personal life.
“I use it quite often.” Shannon Anastosopolos of Joplin relies on his smart phone and its access to digital information. “I use it for work, personal search for any kind of information I don’t have readily available from any other source for activities I want to do.” 
Finding that information can lead to making better decisions. And now the city of Joplin wants to do that on a citywide basis. They’re working a project called “Smart Cities.” The idea is to develop more information about different aspects of city life.
Think adding digital sensors around town. Whitney Pachlhofer is a consultant wi the City of Joplin. “Traffic sensor, sewer management sensors to kind of determine flood levels.”
Hopefully prompting action to prevent flooding or fix traffic jams before they happen. Even tweak the lights at the park for a late night walk. Pachlhofer said, “Talking public safety. So lights and sensors on the trails to light up the trail when somebody comes near. So you feel safe when you’re walking your dog or your kids at night.”
And city leaders want to know what you think. They’ll be holding open houses to see what residents think could beneft from the smart cities project. Pachlhofer said, “how they would use technology, think about what they want to see improved in Joplin.”
The Smart Cities open houses will be held three times in the next week. That’s Saturday April 27th at the Joplin ibrary, Tuesday April 30th at Bookhouse Cinema, and Thursday May 2nd at Irving Elementary School.

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