Joplin is going to be using a reporting system for public transit


JOPLIN, MO – The city of Joplin is moving forward with a new way to track its public transit system.

Tonight, city council approved an ordinance for the 2021 Public Transportation Action Safety Plan.

They say it will help them see trends and know what areas to improve.

“First thing to know anything is take inventory and monitor it then you can measure if it’s improving or staying the same.” Says David Hertzberg, Director of Public Works.

Tonight, the Joplin City Council approved the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan.

Joplin currently monitors the Metro Area Public Transit System and the Sunshine Lamp Trolley for traffic accidents, incidents, and speed.

The new safety plan will require the city to send its reports to the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration.

“Right now, you will be establishing your base line because this is the first year and as the times go on you’ll see trends and address trends by ways to try to reduce anything you see that’s in a direction you don’t want it to go.” Says Hertzberg.

The new reporting system will help Missouri track trends and compare Joplin to other cities.

“We are one of the smaller communities or areas that have a transit facility. You gotta know where you are, then from there, you’ll have a trend to start addressing.” Says Hertzberg.

The council bill will now move forward to a second reading.

If this reporting system is implemented, the city would send their traffic reports every fall to MODOT and the Federal Transit Administration.

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