Joplin Humane Society needs volunteers to bathe, walk and drive animals


A local Humane Society seeks out volunteers to help with walking, driving, and bathing.

The Joplin Humane Society operates daily with the help of students and volunteers. Volunteers take care of every day tasks that are important to the health of an animal.

“For instance, we have volunteers come in and drive our transports for our rescues. That’s one thing that’s very important for us. We can take dogs that have been here for a little while and move them up to areas that have a lower population,” says Thomas Jay, Kennel Manager.

The Humane Society sees volunteers from all over the Four States, including students and regular helpers.

“You know it varies. We have a pretty good pool of people who come in and so it regularly and then you know we’ll have people come in. Maybe they do it once for college credit and we have people come in from high schools. We had some of those earlier today for credit hours,” says Thomas Jay.

And without the immense support that the community provides, the Humane Society would not be able to get the resources needed to find animals forever homes.

“I think we see a lot of support from the Joplin area and that’s really great and with that continued support we can make a real difference in the lives of these animals,” says Jay.

Joplin Humane Society is always looking for volunteers, especially during lull seasons, such as the summer and holidays.

“They can come in anytime that we’re open and pick up an application and we’ll go from there,” says Thomas Jay.

The Humane Society’s hours are:

Sunday 1-4PM
Monday 1-5PM
Tuesday 1-5PM
Wednesday 1-5PM
Thursday 1-5PM
Friday 1-6PM
Saturday 10AM-5PM

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