Joplin hotels are rebounding from the pandemic


JOPLIN, MO – School’s out, temperatures are rising, and more and more families are heading out for vacation… Giving new life to the hospitality industry.

Joplin is seeing more and more visitors moving past pandemic protocols.

“There have been visitors from 24 states down at the CVB. And so logged visitors, we don’t know how many more states they came from so people are out and about.” Says Kevin Greim, Joplin CVB Board.

That’s more out-of-towners downtown… And more booking rooms at Joplin hotels. Occupancy rates in April beat those in 2020… And the more normal rates in 2019.

“You know often the weekends hotels have been able to sell out.” Says Mike Greninger, La Quinta.

Greninger says that’s more often focused on short term dates and less for travel farther out.

“It’s been good here recently and we hope July will be the same.” Says Greninger.

He adds there are still challenges. Business travel is still limited in some cases, along with the delay of some events that normally happen each summer.

“You know there are some hits in August, Marian days is not returning to the area so that was a big hit.” Says Greninger.

But there is optimism about the future.

“There are still things to be careful about but um I think all signs are pointing to the fact that we’re putting this behind us now and moving forward with life back to normal.” Says Greim.

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