Joplin hotel staff compete in “Hotel Olympics”


You can’t run a hotel without a housekeeping staff. So, one week out of each year, a group of Joplin hotels affiliated with Marriott honor their staffs as part of Housekeepers Appreciation Week.

As part of that event, the three hotels host the Housekeeping Olympics.

This year’s winner was the staff at the Fairfield Inn. Their reward is a trophy called the ‘Golden Plunger.

“We get to over and spend some time with the other housekeepers and we do these events and have a lunch together, so yeah–we look forward to it every year. It’s a good time,” explained housekeeper Shonda Johnson.

The other two participating hotels were the Residence Inn and the Towneplace Suites. Johnson says it’s a rare chance for the housekeeping staffs to get together because most of the staff members work similar hours.

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