Joplin High School Varsity Dance Team Holds Clinic for Youth

JOPLIN, Mo. - Pre-K through sixth graders were taught a dance they will be performing tomorrow night at the Joplin girls basketball game. 
   Seventh through twelfth graders were taught skill sets to prepare them if they decide to try out for the high school dance team. 
   Some of the dances they are working on include jazz, hip hop, variation, and pom. 

" It's so unique because you get to express your emotions through dance without your words you get to show how you feel and you build like relationships with your teammates." said Addy Koch, Member of the Joplin High School Varsity Dance Team 
 " Dance you know is a great form of expression you know you can let out so much emotion and just have fun and it's a good safe outlet for kids to be involved in." said Bryson Hines, Assistant Dance Coach Joplin High School Varsity Dance Team

   Proceeds from the youth dance clinic will help Joplin's varsity team fund various events and competitions they will compete in throughout the rest of their season. 

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