Joplin High School student earns perfect ACT score


JOPLIN, Mo. — Every year, roughly 2 million students take the ACT and less than one percent receive a perfect score.

Another student is now in that number, earning a perfect 36 on the standardized test, and he lives in Joplin.

Joplin High School Junior Patrick Beranek has reason to celebrate.

Patrick Beranek said, “It feels nice. I had a good time taking it honestly.”

He received a perfect score on the ACT.

Stephen Gilbreth, Principal, Joplin High School, said, “He got a 36. Which means he did not miss a single question.

He’s now part of the less than one percent of all test takers who have earned this mark.

“I love tests. You know, just kind of feel just a little bit of pressure, just the right amount you know to put me in the zone,” said Beranek.

On his first attempt, he earned a 35 — one point shy of a perfect 36, but he wasn’t satisfied.

“So I can get a better score.”

“I asked him, what are kind of your aspirations? What do you want to do,” said Gilbreth.

“I was thinking Texas A&M, possibly you know, maybe something like the University of Chicago, maybe Mizzou,” said Beranek.

He wants to pursue a career in finance.

“There’s nothing in the world that you can’t accomplish especially with the tenacity and the perseverance that he has for academically and just going after things,” said Gilbreth.

“When you take a test, we gotta just take it one problem at a time. Don’t let the test psych you out. That’s the number one thing. Especially with the ACT and with pretty much any other test, you know, they’re almost designed to you know, psych out people. You know, make them think that they can’t do it. But you just gotta push through,” said Beranek.

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