Joplin floral shop “Petals it Forward” with free flowers and kindness


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s all about paying it forward — A Joplin florist brightens the day of many right off Main Street Wednesday morning.

Many of us are wary when someone, out of the blue, offers us something nice for nothing. That’s the scenario that motorists faced at the intersection of 32nd and Main in joplin in Joplin Wednesday morning.

It was part of an event called “Petal it Forward,” taking place all over the country.

It also just so happens that this national event coincides with the one-year anniversary of the couple taking over Higdon Florist.

“We have been in Joplin for one year this month, and it coincided with the National Society of Florists project or the event, ‘Petal it Forward,’ so we decided to put two together and give back to the community as they have welcomed us,” explained owner Lance Hoopai.

Since the Hoopia’s still had a business to run, they called on volunteers with the Joplin Chamber Young Professionals Network to pass out flowers.

Recipients, in return were to keep some for themselves and give away the rest.

“There were some people that didn’t want to roll down their window,” said volunteer Lindsay Kubicek.

Kubicek was surprised at how many people actually turned her down. But, she says it’s definitely worth doing because of those who accepted the gesture.

“People were really surprised when I would walk up to their car and I think ultimately, they were surprised and thankful that they had an opportunity to give another bouquet to somebody else,” Kubicek added.

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