Joplin fire crews called out nine times for water rescues Monday night


It was a busy night for emergency responders in much of the four states.

In Joplin alone, fire fighters were called out for water rescue nine times. In some cases, bystanders were able to help those stranded get clear of the water while others needed the Swift Water Rescue Team. With the forecast improving, Joplin fire fighters hope the need for rescue is over, but they’re still keeping tabs on water levels.

“Some of those to continue to be high. I think our most of our low water crossings such as Murphy down here under the bridge, Shoal Creek, the Jackson Low Water Bridge. I think those will be under water for some time,” says Jim Furgerson, JFD Chief. 

Joplin fire fighters got 37 calls for service Monday, covering both high water issues and fire calls.

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