Joplin event educates public about signs of child abuse


Educating people on the signs and symptoms of child abuse is one organization’s and local church’s mission. 

Crawford County Children’s Center Coordinator Aryn Crawford spoke at South Joplin Christian Church about services they offer locally.

The organization evualutes concerns from community members on suspected child abuse. 

One of the biggest messages shared Saturday, included the signs and symptoms of children who have suffered from neglect, sexual, or physical  abuse. 

Mandated reporting was also taught. Mandated reporting means people who work with kids or volunteer with them are legally obligated to report child abuse if it is suspected. 

Crawford says, “My goal as the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Children’s Center is to create a safety net for kids in our communities.”

Kathryn Wilso, Minister of Mission and Outreach at South Joplin Christian Church, says, “I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that I am educated, that I am informed. Because our children are valuable.”

Crawford says if you suspect child abuse you should contact the national child abuse hotline.

You can do so at

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