Joplin detective wins 2020 Detective of the Year award 17 years after his father won it


JOPLIN, Mo. — As the saying goes — like father, like son.

That’s the case for a local police department honoring the work of one detective, whose father won the same award nearly two decades ago.

“I always knew he was as good, if not better, than I was,” said Carl Francis, Retired JPD.

Carl Francis is very proud of his son Jason, who was just named the 2020 Detective of the Year for the Joplin Police Department.

“I was extremely surprised – I did not expect that at all,” said Jason Francis, JPD Detective.

Francis was recognized for his quote “outstanding performance” in JPD Investigations. In 2020, that involved financial cases, filing probable cause affidavits on about half a million dollars in money crime.

“It’s neat working in a place where I kind of grew up, you know, as a kid doing ‘ride-alongs’ and things of that nature,” said Jason Francis.

But the award wasn’t a surprise for Carl.

“I know he’s a good police officer and I know he’s good detective and I knew he worked really hard. When he was recognized by his peers the detective of the year, that means a lot,” said Carl Francis.

Maybe even more to Carl himself. He worked at JPD from 1985 to 2006, ending as interim police chief.

Carl won the same award, from the same agency, 17 years ago. He was honored to be chosen as Detective of the Year at the time, and possible even more so now with Jason’s award.

“I don’t think it’s probably ever happened before in here Joplin Police Department – I doubt if it’s happened in too many other departments across the nation,” said Carl Francis.

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