The Joplin City Council listens to several people discuss the issue of medical marijuana facilities in the city. 

A public hearing was held during Monday night’s meeting, giving people the chance to speak out in favor or opposition of regulations to set up medical marijuana facilities in the city limits. A proposed ordinance amends different districts that will allow medical marijuana facilities within city limits. Those districts include commercial, agriculture, and manufacturing. 

Everyone who spoke during the city council meeting was in favor of the proposal. Council members passed the ordinance in a first meeting, and could get final approval at the next city council meeting. 

A resolution presented Monday night at council establishes an arts district in Downtown Joplin. 

The section is located from B Street south to 12th Street and from Wall Street east to Pennsylvania Avenue. The Joplin Arts District is only for marketing purposes. It creates a permanent area for the thriving arts community with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.

The Joplin Regional Airport will now have four new police officer positions available. 

Joplin City Council passed a bill allowing the airport to start hiring for these positions and to amend the fiscal budget to accommodate these changes. The airport manager and the chief of Joplin police have worked for months together creating this new type of position. The airport manager says this won’t take away from JPD officers in the field, because this job is for a trainee. 

“These are part-time positions basically at that lower level. We don’t feel like number one, they’re going to compete with the officers that are trying to be full-time officers on the force,” says Steve Stockam, Joplin Regional Airport Manager.

They also are looking at retired officers for the position, because they are well-trained and have experience. City leaders hope to have the positions filled before the end of the summer.

Several changes at Wildcat Glades were discussed at Monday night’s city council meeting. 

The city of Joplin is looking to terminate the 58 acre ground lease between the Missouri Department of Conservation and the National Audubon Society. 

The ground lease will potentially be between the MDC and the city of Joplin and reduced to 33 acres.

The Wildcat Glades Friends Group has also entered into three memorandum of understandings with Newton County, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the city of Joplin to help maintain various parts of the park. 

“We did an MOU with Newton County to help maintain the Redings Mill Bridge. And we also did an MOU with the Missouri Department of Conservation for the purpose of having gift store operation. Now, the MOU with the city will allow us to operate, not operate, but to help clean the park, clean the trails, provide programs at the pavilion to help create an experience at the Wildcat Glades Park,” says Steve Gaarder, Wildcat Glades Friends Group President.

The Joplin City Council approved the changes and they will go onto a second read.