Joplin Council discuss airport security updates and additional funding


There’s exactly one month until flights to the Windy City will begin. Monday night, Airport Manager Steve Stockam told council there have been a lot of renovations and maintenance done to prepare for the extra load. So, he says to keep up with the increase, the airport will need to have four additional Joplin police officers to manage checkpoints at the facility.

“The requirements with all the new flights is going to require more time at that checkpoint, and that means more time for an officer to come off the street and be out at the airport as part of that responsibility for TSA,” says Joplin Regional Airport Manager Steve Stockam.

Stockam says in the future, he hopes to establish an airport police department commissioned by JPD.


The Joplin Public Works Department asked for a change order for additional funding on a million dollar project. Back in August, council approved renovations on the Tin Cup Lift Station near the Shoal Waste Water Treatment Plant. The public works department hit a snag when the more than 35 year old dischage pumps at the station needed to be replaced.

“So, we’re kind of at that point where we weren’t sure what we were going to get once we took the pumps out and now we saw that we really needed to change the valves out on the discharge side,” says Lynden Lawson with the public works department.

The new valves for the pumps will be an extra $150,000 to the project. Having to order these new parts will delay this project an extra 120 days.


At council, the city of Joplin with the Downtown Joplin Alliance discuss entering an agreement with the Missouri Development Finance Board. They’d help with financing for the market through state tax credits. The program will allow tax payers to give contributions to the Joplin Empire Market, and in return, they can get up to 50 percent tax credit. A Downtown Joplin Alliance member says there is about $2 million worth of work to do on the facility. This would help alleviate those costs. The proposal was passed on a first reading and will go to a second and third reading in two weeks.

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