Joplin comes together for National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Residents in Joplin gather to uplift kids and law enforcement in the community.

There’s a display here for the hundreds of calls the department gets for child abuse. There’s more than 200 pinwheels lining the front lawn right behind me, a number residents who gathered tonight, hope to change.

“There comes a time when every woman and every many has to take a stand and say enough is enough,” says Christopher Jones.

Residents in Joplin come together to pray over our children and our law enforcement.

“The children are the ones who are most vulnerable those who have been abused whether it has been physically, sexually or emotionally,” says Christopher Jones.

But it’s not just about abuse.

“In this area in particular it’s very important because we’ve seen so many suicides in our area, right now it’s one a month that we’re averaging,” says David Durrall.

Every year the number of child abuse cases grow. Last year two hundred 20 pinwheels were lined up, this year, nine more have been added.

“That’s sad, that’s horrible, that’s heartbreaking,” says Durrall.

A cause for concern with residents tuesday night.

“These are our kids, this is our community, this is our city, as a community as a city we need to support our kids we need to be there for our kids,” says Durrall.

“You as an individual can have resources and you can pray and you can reach out to others to say what I can do and just put some feet to it and just put some flesh to it, it’s more than just an idea, it’s a reality, I’ve got something I can do and I can be responsible,” says Christopher Jones.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. These pinwheels will remain up for the rest of the month.

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