Joplin City Pay Plan Suggests Major Cuts Across the Board


Monday nights Joplin City Council meeting could mean big changes for the town as city leaders work to find funding to help staffing issues in the city.

The Finance Director has put together a financial sustainability presentation for city leaders.

It lists 35 different options that could potential save the city money.

It covers revenues, expenditures and improving operations as well as personnel.

One of the many options listed is sales taxes and funds surrounding them. 

A new use tax was just voted on that will start to bring revenue in, that is, if it’s approved in the August election. 

Another option would be to raise property taxes as much as half percent.

In the list, option number two suggests trimming down the fire department staff. 

This wouldn’t happen by firing employees, as fire fighters retired, their positions wouldn’t be filled.

Over time this would reduce department staff from 94 to 86.

The finance plan also suggests departmental cuts for Joplin police. 

Closing the South police station and adopting a new vehicle take-home policy which would in turn allow for the sale of 13 police cars.

Two more options for JPD, reducing the number of K9’s used by the department.

As the next dogs retire, they wouldn’t be replaced, the report suggests keeping two K9’s. 
These aren’t the only options presented. 

Reducing court staff, using a different pension fund as well as evaluating pay scales are also on the presentation.

We’ll have decisions and reaction tomorrow night at ten.


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