Joplin city leaders look to improve public transportation


Joplin Public Transportation is working to better meet needs in the city.

They’ve done focus groups as well as speaking with trolly riders and residents.

City leaders spoke with employers and employees about things they could change or add.

They’ve focused initiatives into essentially two phases: short term goals and long term goals.

Residents say the issues they have are with the busses being late or having to take multiple rides to get to one place.

“Today was a great experience riding the trolley,” explained transportation coordinator Robert Lolley. “Overwhelmingly, everyone said, ‘I love the trollies, it’s fantastic, this is a wonderful service that we don’t want to go away.’ And then they said, “But it could be better if it’s like this.’ That’s exactly what I want to hear.”

They’ll look at dropping stops to speed up the ride and could even add a new hub, going from three routes to eight.

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