Joplin City Council updates compensation


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council is rewarding city workers with pay raises based off of merit.

The Joplin City Council approved a resolution which would adopt a compensation philosophy. Resolution 2021–002 would give city employees competitive pay.

This plan would help recruit and retain quality city employees. City employees would move through each pay grade within the salary administration plan. Monday the resolution passed with seven councilors approving and two opposing it.

Once the compensation philosophy is adopted the city will update all job descriptions. There are three components of this plan the first is moving through each pay grade. The city would recognize employees that meet or exceed expectations and increase their wages –rather than automatic wage increases.

The second component would be maintenance of overall salary. There would be periodic adjustments for jobs to ensure they have competitive starting and ending salaries. The city would update that every two years. And the city will focus on placement of positions within salary administration plan.

Which means market conditions may require occasional adjustments with the payment plan. Monday Joplin City Council also passed an ordinance amending the annual budget for the city of Joplin for the 2020 to 2021 fiscal year.

The Joplin Police Department will be given $6,232 their drone. This will give them an additional controller — which will allow one pilot to fly the drone and one person to operate the camera system.

JPD has used their drone for about a year and have used it during manhunts, robberies, and to map crime scenes. The Joplin Police Chief says the drone can spot heat sources, which will make it easier to find a missing person in cold weather.

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