Joplin City Council moves forward with plan for Ewert Park


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council is moving forward with projects that impact the community.

They discussed the future of Ewert Pool and other action plans. The City Council decided to move forward with the Ewert Park upgrades.

Nick Edwards, City Manager, said, “I’m excited for what it means for our parks having an investment in Ewert and all of our parks makes the city more attractive.”

Monday the Joplin City Council voted and decided to add the Ewert Park Improvement Plan on the Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax Renewal. The Ewert Park upgrades would includes a splash pad with an ice ribbon, a covered basketball court, and an amphitheater.

The City Council heard about action plans involving economic development,crime and safety, and resilient revenue.

“All of the action plans are going to be important for the community to address. If we are weak in one area the community won’t have as much success as it possibly can have.”

One action plan they discussed was making local parks safer. The Parks and Recreation Department says they can achieve that goal with better lighting. Security cameras and hiring two people to patrol the parks. Those two new park employees would clean, mow, and keep the parks safer.

Paul Bloomberg, Parks and Recreation Director, said “In the evening thats when we could go to our parks and when they close at 11 we could actually start locking up our bathrooms that are getting vandalized and lock up certain parks where cars cant come in and do something they shouldnt be doing.”

Now the citizen committee will review the plans and decide which projects should be funded and which projects should be pushed to a later master plan effort. All these plans brought to council came from research and community feedback.

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