Joplin City Council is preparing for future elections


The City of Joplin is preparing for future elections.

Joplin City Council is planning on putting two renovation projects on the upcoming ballots.
Nick Edwards, City Manager said, “I’m excited I think these are issues the communities wanted to see addressed for a long time.”

Monday the Joplin City Council approved the parks and storm water project.
The community will vote on whether or not the city will extend the sales tax of one-quarter of 1% for ten years.

“The Citizens Committee has been working over the past month to identify the projects. they’re really exciting and important improvements for us. Parks are something that is really important for our community and improves our quality of life.”

The money would fund storm water projects and local park improvements.
It will be put on the special election ballot on August third.

The City Council is also moving forward with project Launchpad.
Missouri Southern would relocate its small business development center downtown to the old library on Fourth and Main.
It’s a collaboration with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, the MSSU Board of Directors, and the Joplin Board of Education.

“Its design is to help train our workforce for tomorrow. There’s an urgent need for a better more educated workforce.”
The $10 Million project would be funded by a bond, which would be used to reconstruct and renovate the library.
It would cost property owners $0.16 more for each $100 of assessed valuation.
Council will now create a ballot item for April 2022.

The City is also creating a bond for the $30 Million project to renovate Memorial Hall.
“Should voters approve the property tax to fund Memorial Hall the City would get to work finalizing the building plans and ultimately work to issue that bid and get the building renovated.”
The bond to renovate Memorial Hall would cost tax payers $0.29 per $100 of assessed value
That bond project will also go on the April 2022 ballot.

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