Joplin City Council holds work session


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council is reviewing its list of projects for 2021.

City council heard the reviews of ideas from citizens committees. The groups came up with suggestions about which projects are most important.

Nick Edwards, City Manager, said, “I think Joplin as a community could use a space like Memorial Hall.”

The Finance Oversight Committee reviewed the feasibility study for Memorial Hall. They decided a community center facility is important for the city.

“The next step ultimately will be put to voters to decide as to whether or not they want to renovate Memorial Hall with an addition through property tax. I heard from the community and one of the things the city has a need for is entertainment.”

If the renovation is approved — the committee wants to have a way to finance non-routine maintenance. They also want the city council to allocate funding to create more parking. One of the recommended parks projects is to install security lighting and cameras at eleven parks.

“There were a lot of comments from the community that they would like our parks to feel safer. So by adding lighting and cameras thats one way to deliver that.”

The city will now prepare ballot information for the parks and stormwater sales tax renewal. Next Monday City Council members will vote on the proposed ballots.

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