Joplin City Council elections start next month; Mayor Stanley will not run for re-election


JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin City Hall is gearing up for some new faces on City Council after the next election. We’re still a ways out from the vote, but it could signal big changes in city leadership.

“Being the master of ceremonies for the 10 year anniversary of the tornado. And that was probably the most rewarding, but it was also the most intimidating,” said Ryan Stanley, Joplin Mayor.

The highlight of his eight years in office for Mayor Ryan Stanley. He won’t run for reelection at the end of this term.

“My kids are getting older and they’re a little bit more nimble and I just think I need to be a little bit more flexible, and I think there’s good value in having turnover on council to have other people have opportunities to lead,” said Mayor Stanley.

His seat is one of five candidates could file for starting next month. Incumbents and first timers have some criteria to meet including residency and registering to vote.

“You’ll fill out the normal paperwork, then you have to go out into the public and you have to collect 150 signatures from eligible and registered voters that live within the city limits,” said Mayor Stanley.

Existing council members Anthony Monteleone and Gary Shaw haven’t yet decided whether to run again.

But Diane Reid Adams and Doug Lawson will file for re-election. Stanley says now is the time for potential candidates to start thinking about the position.

“Pay attention to the council meetings pay attention to the council agendas. It’s good to know what the city is working on, where you might be able to hit the ground kind of running,” said Mayor Stanley.

Candidate filing opens November 16th. Voters will decide those seats on April 15th.

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