JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin’s 150th birthday is coming up in a couple years and people are already preparing for the big celebration.

The Joplin Celebration Commission has partnered with local organizations to help plant irises across Joplin.

This morning they planted a plot of the city flower in front of the Joplin Early Childhood Center with the help of the students.

Patrick Tuttle, a member of the commission, says its important the kids start getting involved, since they are going to be the ones to pass on the history of the city.

Patrick Tuttle, Director of Joplin Convention and Business Bureau, said, “It’s important that these kids be involved because they will see what happens and they are the ones who will tell the story of Joplin going forward. So those of us who were on the commission who were around for the centennial back in 1973, it’s our job now to tell the story to the next generation for the 150th.”

There are plans to plant more of the flowers in schools, both hospitals and four city parks before the 150th anniversary of Joplin in 2023.