Joplin business Pallet Place reopens with help from friends and volunteers


JOPLIN, Mo. — The pandemic has made a Joplin business owner hit pause on operations.

And now others are stepping up to help.

Sherry Harrison opened The Pallet Place on East 15th Street a few months ago. The store sells a variety of designer brand items, electronics, toys and gadgets for 7 dollars or less.

But a combination of illnesses — including COVID — has resulted in her having to shut her doors.

Enter a friend of hers — Michelle Vorhees — who, with the help of friends and perhaps more volunteers, will reopen the store this weekend.

“Has recently had COVID and SARS, with lots of ongoing complications, so she’s gone through her savings and so we’re just trying to help keep the business going long enough for her to get well, so she’s got some bills coming up,” Michelle Vorhees, family friend.

Vorhees hopes to keep the business open on the weekends until Harrison is well enough to come back.

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