Joplin Business Expo to have over 130 exhibitors


JOPLIN, Mo. — It would take you weeks to travel all throughout the Joplin area to find out what businesses and organizations are in business there.

But tomorrow, you can see many of them in one location.

More than a hundred thirty exhibitors are taking part in the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.

This year’s theme is See The Future.

One of the most futuristic displays comes from sign design and is called Hypervision.

Preston Roets, Sign Designs, said, “Displayed through a blade, it’s got four blades and it displays an image through these uh little chips on each one of the blades and that’s how it creates that hologram effect you see behind me.”

Other futuristic technology on display is virtual reality goggles.

Want to find out what your new office is going to look like even before they build it, they can do that here.

Jessica Struckhoff, True North Enterprises, said, “We’ve had this set for about a year so we’re just in the infancy stages of using it but we’re starting to use it a whole lot more with our clients because it’s much easier to visualize something when you can actually walk through it.”

Several nonprofit organizations are also at the event to get the word out on what they have to offer, like the Empire Market which is about to celebrate it’s second anniversary in business.

Carolina Neal, Joplin Empire Market, said, “That’s the difference between our market and all markets around the area is that we have a facility that we’re going to retrofit soon and that will be a four seasons market.”

Other business ventures like veteran owned and operated True North Enterprises volunteer to do exhibitor check in.

Jimmy Burgess, True North Enterprises, said, “It gives us an opportunity to talk about our mission that we’re doing to help veterans, all the businesses and organizations we have that are helping veterans directly, and they come in and they’re like whoa, I didn’t know you guys did stuff like that it’s great for us.”

The event will be open to the public on Wednesday from 10 a.m. To 4 p.m. At Downstream Casino Resort Pavilion.

The cost of admission is five dollars, and children five and under are free.

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