JOPLIN, Mo. — An area athletic complex is under new ownership and management. But they have their work cut out for them to bring it back to life.

Originally it was called Four Seasons Sports Complex, but it’s had several names over the years, and has been closed for some time. But a group of four Joplin area men have bought this 20 acre complex in Duenweg that includes 5 fields for baseball and or softball, as well as a 22,000 square foot gymnasium. The new name is E.T.G. Sports, which is short for Elevate The Game.

The new owners here say the goal is to bring back all of the sports that have ever been offered here in the past, and then some.

J.C. Burd, E.T.G. Sports Co-Owner, said, “AAU Basketball, NCAA Basketball stuff we’ll play inside here along with volleyball all year long and then we’ll also host events, we plan on doing boxing stuff out here, plan on doing um cage fighting and different types of events, concerts and stuff that will go on in here all while baseball and softball and stuff is going on outside.”

In addition to Burd, who already owns and operates two other local businesses, Matt Osborn and James and Lance Ledford, owners of Ledford Construction round out the rest of the ownership group. Ledford says he got involved so family members would have some place to play.

Lance Ledford, Ledford Construction, said, “I’ve got 8 kids that range from 16 years of age down to one, so it’s just something we’re a part of and we enjoy being part of the Joplin athletics.”

The group hopes to start basketball leagues as early as December and redo the fields outside this Spring. And while the gym will remain intact, much of the existing structures will be torn down and completely rebuilt.

“And a lot of other cities are around here have been building something like this whether it’s Neosho or Mount Vernon, some of the other cities are building facilities just like this.”

And this one’s already here.