Joplin Airport gives update on future plans


JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Regional Airport gives an update about how they’ll move forward despite flight services in limbo.

American Airlines is cutting back service to smaller airports, but the Joplin Airport is part of the essential air service. That means the Federal Department of Transportation has deemed air service essential to our area. And, with American pulling out of smaller airports, like Joplin, it means the city can now accept bids for other carriers as part of the EAS.

American will continue to serve the airport until new EAS bids are received and activated.

David Hertzberg, City of Joplin Director of Public Works, said, “There will be bids taken for somebody to provide that essential air service to Joplin, and there will be some subsidy bids to support that air service in the Joplin area.”

Airline traffic is up at the airport, after months of declining numbers due to the pandemic.

Plus, a nearly $8 million construction project on the North-South runway is scheduled to start next Spring.

It will be funded through an FAA grant and the CARES Act.

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