Joplin agriculture workers make more than national average


JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s good news for Joplin area residents who make their living in agriculture.

According to a report from “commodity-dot-com” — people in the Joplin metro who work in farming, fishing and forestry, make a cost-of-living-adjusted wage of over 37 thousand dollars a year.

Not bad, considering the national average is nearly 30 thousand.

Not bad for business either.

“From a cost of doing business standpoint our cost of doing business is unparalleled with I-44 and 49 and US 69 across the region, workers can get to and from work pretty easily, commodities coming in and out of the region uh pretty easily uh we’re pretty heavy into food and beverage manufacturing,” said Tony Robyn, Director, MOKAN Partnership.

More good news to come out of the report.

Joplin is the 53rd best paying small metro area in the county for agricultural workers.

It’s also the 78th highest compensated area overall. As a state, Missouri ranks 21st for Ag employee compensation.

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