Joplin Advanced Training center helps students fill demand for warehouse and manufacturing jobs


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Want to make some good money, but don’t want to spend years in school and graduate with a lot of student debt? A facility in Joplin has some options.

You may not realize it, but there are hundreds of unfilled jobs in the Joplin area warehousing and manufacturing sector alone. And you’re looking at one of the most in demand occupations in that sector, fork lift operator, which can take as little as one full day worth of training at the advanced training and tech center in Joplin to become certified.

Matthew Hampton, Student, said, “Currently I’m taking welding classes for plate welding, and I’m taking an electrical motors class for advanced manufacturing, I’m taking a assembly drawing class for drafting, and my plan is to do welding in the future and potentially do some drafting as well and just have lots of options for anything I want to do in the future.”

Melissa Smith, Director, Joplin Advanced Training & Technology Center, said, “You know, if you’re a high school student and getting ready to graduate, and just want to have some short term training, we have those available, if you’re a current student and want to skill up, where you’re gaining a certificate for college credit, whether that’s from welding, advanced manufacturing, drafting, computer IT, any of those areas you can come and take some addition short term training.”

Any one of those classes by themselves will certify him for a host of positions currently open in the area. But students aren’t the only ones that can benefit from all the training opportunities through Crowder College. Crowder faculty can also provide training for companies that have already hired employees, like at the new Casey’s distribution facility in the Joplin industrial park.

“We’ll go on site to train so this week we’re training for a couple of companies who will who have contacted us to come on location train in a variety of different things whether that’s HAZMAT training, Lockout Tagout, forklift, pallet jack training.”

If you’d like more information about the classes offered for students, or the training options for employers, visit the Crowder College website.

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