JM Farms to begin 9 million dollar expansion


MIAMI, Ok. — JM Farms will soon begin construction on a new 9 million dollar state of the art facility in Miami.

Scott Engelbrecht, VP of Operations, said, “each day will pick somewhere between 60 to 70,000 pounds of mushrooms.”

JM Farms is working to expand operations even further than that constructing a new 40,000 square foot facility. I visited with VP of Operations Scott Engelbrecht where he took me inside to give me an up close look at what it takes to run a mushroom farm.

“when we pick that mushroom from the time it picks to the time it gets to the end consumer our objective is 36 hours.”

The new location will be a phase 2 tunnel compositing facility.

It’ll be used to kill mold and insects or anything harmful to crops.

“The big reason for expansion, mushrooms are growing at a rate of about 4 percent per year in the united states and we want to be able to fulfill that for our customers.”

The company prides itself on working to keep on with the latest technology.

“As we look towards the future we’re trying to come up with ways to become more efficient in raw materials, energy efficiency, labor efficiency.”

Right now as soon as they bring compost out they use wooden trays for the mushrooms.

“Will still finish up in the wooden trays but during that phase 2 process we call it. It will all be in bulk, so it will be a big long room with aerated floors it will all be transported with conveyors and large machinery and the climate will be very controlled, it’s all computer controlled.”

The biggest impact for JM Farms is continue being a strong presence in the Miami community.

“We’ve been here 40 years now we all work and live here so we want to continue to develop Miami as we invest in JM Farms we feel like were also investing in the Miami area.”

A groundbreaking will be held on site next Wednesday afternoon at 3 P.M.

They hope to have the build completed by the end of 2020.

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