Jim West resigns from Joplin council


The news of Jim West resigning has shaken things up at the city, and now the council will have to decide who will fill the seat now.

A letter was sent to city officials on Saturday about Jim West’s resignation with no word as to why Mr. West is stepping down. We still know very little about why Jim West suddenly resigned, and it came to a surprise to many as Mr. West has dedicated more than two decades of his life to public service.

“Well I was surprised obviously, like everyone else was,” says Gary Shaw, Joplin mayor.

It was Saturday afternoon when Joplin city officials got word that Jim West was resigning from city council, and with little explanation as to his unexpected departure.

“All we know is what his attorney told us is that Jim asked to resign immediately and that any contact that we have of city business should go through our attorney to his attorney,” says Gary Shaw.

“He just asked that I fill out a letter for him and submit his resignation,” says Bill Fleischaker, Fleischaker & Williams, L.C.

Fleischaker also adding that West had mentioned resigning prior to his official statement on Saturday quoting personal reasons for him stepping down.

“Well, he talked to me about it a little bit. That’s confidential and I can’t really disclose that, but he had personal reasons and he didn’t want to personally deal with it so he asked me to write the letter on his behalf,” says Bill Fleischaker.

“I wish Jim well. I don’t know what’s going on in his life, but certainly we were surprised. I know Jim enjoyed serving the people of Joplin on the council. We just wish him the best, thank him for his service and wish him the best,” says Gary Shaw.

Jim West only had a little more than a year left for his term, and Gary Shaw says they are looking into how they can fill that spot before the next election in April 2020. City council will discuss more about open position tomorrow night at the council meeting.

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