SOUTHEAST KANSAS — Tensions heighten with Bourbon County residents as they go before commissioners to voice their concern with the Jayhawk Wind Farm Project.

This afternoon, commissioners held a forum along with representatives from Jayhawk Wind to hear how the turbines could affect the community.

Kim Simons lives in the county and isn’t happy about the possibility of a turbine being on her property.

She says she’s afraid the turbines won’t benefit those whose land they’re on.

And, she adds she doesn’t want her tax dollars going to something that might not benefit the community.

Kim Simons, Bourbon County Resident, said, “What protection do we have that this isn’t going to effect our taxes. What protection do we have if these need to be torn down, that it’s not going to fall back on the tax payers.”

Jade Scheele, Director of Project Development, Jayhawk Wind, said,”It’s a private investment construction. And so everything is privately funded and the taxpayers will not be burdened by any of the construction costs.”

Construction for these turbines is set for later this year.

50 turbines will be spread between both Bourbon and Crawford Counties.

Jayhawk Wind says this project could bring more than $27 million to the region over the next 25 years.