JAY, Ok. — The Jay Public School District is working to recover after falling victim to a cyber attack.

Since Monday, Jay Public Schools Superintendent Larry Shackelford and his district have been dealing with the aftermath of getting hacked.

The district is the only one in Oklahoma to have dealt with a cyber attack this year.

“We had a computer that was acting stupid, acting weird, one of the teacher’s reached out to him he looked at it he had a some suspicions that it might be infected,” said Shackelford.

They later found out it was much worse.

After further investigation, an I.T. Employee found the infection had spread to the district’s server as well.

“At that point you start trying to get everything shut down.You turn off everything you don’t know if every computer in your system has been affected.”

Since then, Shackelford says they have been working with law enforcement including the OSBI, State Department of Education, and the FBI.

Some of the data comprised includes communicating via email and electronic files.

But until a full investigation is complete they have no way of knowing what else could have been accessed.

“We have been assigned a legal team our insurance company has been assigned a group out of Washington D.C. who deal directly with just cyber attacks. So they have a tremendous amount of expertise. Then they have assigned other vendors that’s going to come in and do a forensic investigation.”

Work is currently being done to repair damages done to the system.

But they will be getting additional resources to help them during this time.