Jay, OK awarded two grants to make town safer


The city of Jay has been awarded two major grants to make the town safer.

“As a parent I know we do a lot of things in our community and for my child to be able to walk around the courthouse or to walk down by the city park. To have that sidewalk is a piece of mind for our parents and for me as a parent as well.” said Whitney Walker, Jay Parent/Teacher

This relief is being felt for many in the Jay community as the town is recognized for receiving two of 21 Tap Grants given out in Oklahoma. 

These grants will create new routes throughout the city and schools.  

“A lot of kids participate in extracurriculur activies after school and there’s just never been a sense of feeling safe for our kids to wak through town without the risk of being ran over.” said Whitney Walker, Jay Parent/Teacher

The first grant will go towards a project to build sidewalks on Highway 59.

It will allow pedestrians access to downtown businesses without having to walk on the roadway. 

The second project will affect Jay Public Schools…building sidewalks around the schools connecting to the park, and nearby homes, as well as the town.

“Since I’ve been mayor we’ve never had anything this big come from the transporation grants and its a huge deal for us that they recognized us and gave us both projects..it shocked me i’ll just be honest with you.” said Mayor of Jay, Leslie Newkirk

The funding to complete both projects totals about 550-thousand dollars. 

The city will pay a portion of the funds needed…about 146,000 dollars. 

“A lot of this grant is getting people places to walk and bike. This is just the start I see a lot of things happeneing after these sidealks go in” said Mayor of Jay, Leslie Newkirk

The grant will also allow for lights pedestrians to better identify the signage. 

The city of Jay will be performing studies throughout the rest of the year and are slated to begin construction in 2020. 

The project is expected to take about six months to complete.

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