JASPER, Mo. — The Jasper School District is focused on a number of upgrades.

Some of the old buildings in the district will soon have some new features. The district is currently accepting bids for a number of renovations.

“Today was a great day to find out which roofs were leaking because we had quite a bit of rain this morning. So we have narrowed down those areas found those areas and we have different contractors coming and fixing those areas that are leaking,” said Dr. Eric Findley, Jasper R-5 Superintendent.

The Jasper R-Five district is working on upgrading its old buildings. Right now they are accepting bids to replace leaky roofs and 30-year-old HVAC systems.

“Safety is a priority. We do want our students to be comfortable in school. We want them to sit at a desk without water dripping next to them. We want the air conditioners to work we want the heaters to work,” said Dr. Findley.

The district also received a grant for UV Angel, which is an air filtration system.

“With that I think it will give us cleaner air. Less likely to get colds, flu, COVID, any particular issues or virus out there,” said Dr. Findley.

The district is nearing completion on upgrading a gym that was built in 1921.

“Having facilities that have had the repairs has greatly improved. So we have places for students to go for our elementary PEs. PE classes are now in the old gym,” said Laura Hensley, Jasper R-5 Teacher.

Staff hopes the improvements will make a positive impact on student learning.

“Any time you can upgrade a learning environment kids are going to be more apt to learn they’re going to want to learn. When they can get new technology when they can feel comfortable in the school and classroom the learning environment is always going to be good,” said Tyler Gripka, Elementary Counselor.

Right now the district is receiving bids and waiting on contractors. They hope to schedule projects in the next month.