Jasper R-5 School District welcomes new Superintendent


JASPER, Mo. — The Jasper R-5 School District is beginning the new school year with a new leader.

Dr. Eric Findley started as superintendent for the Jasper School District in July. He hopes to complete projects that were started by the previous superintendent.

“I’m ready for the kids to come and see what we can do and see if the new programs we’ve put in place are ready to go,” said Dr. Eric Findley, Jasper R-5 Superintendent.

The Jasper R-5 School District hired Dr. Eric Findley as the new superintendent. Dr. Findley has been in education for 25 years. He was most recently the superintendent at High Point R-3.

“I want to give our students the best opportunity for safe learning. I want to expand on the facilities that we have. Make sure they’re clean and up to date. And our students have the opportunity to learn with every other student in the state of Missouri,” said Dr. Findley.

He says he wants to work on replacing old roofs and increasing safety.

“Our buildings are spread out. We have seven different buildings and we have students going from one building to another. So we need to make sure students are safe when they go from one building to another,” said Dr. Findley.

Dr. Findley says families can visit him if they have any issues.

“I just want people to know that I care. I want them to know that every day I came to school with their child’s best interests at heart. And I’m going to do whatever I can to give them a place to learn, a safe place to be every day and go home smarter than they came to school that day. That’s my desire,” said Dr. Findley.

Dr. Findley replaces Christina Hess who left the district for Steelville, Missouri.

Jasper R-5 starts the school year tomorrow.

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