Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Gives Update on Deputy Shot


JASPER CO., Mo.–The Sheriff’s department released the following on Facebook just a short time ago.

As you know Deputy Justin Henry was shot in the leg by a suspect on 9-12-19 while tracking down a stolen car.

Since that time we have had numerous messages offering the prayers and thoughts to his speedy recovery. We have had numerous people ask how Deputy Henry is doing so we decided to give an update on his progress.

The bullet went through Deputy Henry’s right calf missing the bone and all the major blood vessels. He is on crutches for a few weeks to allow the wound to heal. The wound was not life threatening, but it has caused him to have very limited movement of his right foot at this time. Deputy Henry will have to undergo extensive physical therapy to regain full movement of his foot.

Deputy Henry asked us to extend his appreciation for all of the kind words and thoughts directed towards him. He is honored by the outpouring of support.

Please continue to pray for Deputy Henry’s continued recovery.”

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