Jasper County property reassessment


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Tens of thousands of local home owners are about to get some unwelcome news in the mail… Your property tax bill is going up.

It’s Part of the cycle to update property appraisals – and plus those numbers into the tax formula.

“This is just a notice of a change in value, that it’s increasing,” said Lisa Perry, Jasper Co. Assessor.

And more than 42 thousand Jasper County property owners will be getting that notice in the mail.

“And the market is absolutely crazy right now – which therefore increases the value of property. Therefore we have to raise our values to stay in compliance with the state,” said Perry.

Jasper County Assessor Lisa Perry is working with the printers to send out her notices, which residents will get in the next couple of weeks. She encourages them to do some homework.

“If you’ve had a recent sale or a recent purchase and compare that value to your purchase price or a recent appraisal. The interest rates are great. A lot of people have refinanced recently, and look at your appraisal from the refinance and compare it to where we are on our value here within the county.”

If you think your total is too high, you can call her office to discuss the valuation informally.

“I’ll have field deputies field deputies in here available to assist, as well as myself and a few other staff member members that have experience in it.”

If you still don’t like what you hear, you can schedule an appointment to meet in person.

“After that point if you’re still dissatisfied, there’s a process where they can appeal to the Board of Equalization.”

This isn’t just Jasper County, but every county in Missouri updating those totals. So a lot of us will be getting that letter in the mail.

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