CARTERVILLE, Mo. — A veterans memorial in one southwest Missouri town takes another step towards completion. It’s located inside the Carterville Cemetery. A new Korean War monument was installed this Monday morning — and now joins monuments commemorating the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. This is all part of a project the Carterville Cemetery Association is continuing.

A late resident by the name of Calvin Divine came up with the idea a few years ago. He was a Navy and Vietnam veteran.

This latest monument weighs 2,300 pounds and cost about $7,000. It was paid for through a grant the Association received last year.

“Well, I hope the veterans will just appreciate it’s in their honor, it’s for them, and it’s just the memorial to all the veterans that were sacrificed. The Civil War and the World War I monument actually have the graves of those that are actually buried here in Carterville. Doing a panel as money and time becomes available. We’re doing panels. We have one more to put it. The Vietnam War monument, and then after that we’ll look at putting a monument to the Afghan and Iraq wars,” said Kavan Stull, Carterville Cemetery Associate Board Member.

The hope is to have the Vietnam War monument ready and installed by Veterans Day in November.